Can You Repair the Screen on Your Phone by Yourself?

6 October 2020
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Mobile phone manufacturers exist in a highly competitive industry. They are always on the lookout for the latest innovation and want to bring products to the market that place them ahead of the competition. Often, these phones will need to be as easy to use as possible and may feature screens that are larger. This may result in a compromise, however, and the screen may be particularly vulnerable to damage, as you may have found out to your cost recently. So if your mobile device looks more like a spider's web than a smartphone right now, what can you do about it?


Most phones like this devote the entire front-facing surface to the screen. This can present a challenge to the case manufacturer and will, unfortunately, make that screen especially vulnerable to shock. While these companies will often introduce tougher materials to try and avoid any breakage, the damage is almost inevitable if you were to drop the phone from a height onto a solid floor. No amount of stress testing can protect such a vulnerable device in this situation, and the screen will often crack in a web-like pattern as a result. Bear in mind that the screen is designed to deteriorate like this so that it does remain in place upon impact. This means that you should be able to salvage the device and continue to use it in many cases, albeit with a deal of difficulty.

Repair Required

Of course, this type of damage will seriously impact your levels of enjoyment and may make it difficult for you to interact with your phone as usual. You may be able to make or receive calls but not enjoy videos or engage too much with your social media.

Saving Your Data

Before you take the device in for repair, back up all of the data to your cloud account. This will help you to save any videos, photos or other important files if you were unfortunate and had sustained any internal damage. While you may be able to replace the screen yourself in some circumstances, you would need an array of specialist tools, and these can be quite expensive to buy in any case.

The Best Approach

All in all, you are best advised to take the screen into a qualified and experienced repair expert. They'll have the tools on hand and can get the replacement screen quite easily. Before you know it, you'll be back up to speed and can catch up with all your posts and messages. Reach out to a professional who provides repairs for your type of phone like iPhone repairs